All About Numbers: 숫자 관련 어휘

영어에서는 두 가지 종류의 숫자가 사용됩니다:

기수 (Cardinal Numbers) – 1 (one), 2 (two), 3 (three), 10 (ten); (계산에 사용된다)
서수 (Ordinal Numbers) – 1st (first), 2nd (second), 3rd (third), 10th (tenth); (순서를 설명하는데 사용된다.)

기수 (Cardinal Numbers)

다음과 같은 경우에 일반적으로 기수 [cardinal numbers]가 사용된다.

  • 수를 셀 때: “I have two sisters.”, “Here is thirty dollars.”, “I would like two lattes.”
  • 나이를 셀 때: “I am twenty-five years old.”, “He is thirty-two years old.” “She is twenty years
  • 전화번호를 말할 때: His phone number is five-six-one, three-two-one-seven. (561-3217)
  • 년을 말할 때: “He was born in nineteen ninety-two (1992).”, “I lived in New York in two-thousand and eight (2008).”

우리는 1999까지 년을 두 부분으로 (1995 = nineteen ninety-five) 나눈데,  2000년부터, “two thousand (2000), two thousand and one (2001), two thousand and ten (2010), two thousand and fifteen (2015)” 이렇게 말합니다.

서수 (Ordinal Numbers)

일반적으로 기수 [cardinal number] 끝에 -th를 추가하여 서수 [ordinal number]를 만들 수 있는다.

다음과 같은 경우에 서수 [ordinal numbers]가 사용된다:

  • 날짜와 함께: I am going on vacation on January 15th (January fifteenth).
  • 순서와 함께: Our team came in third place in the competition.
  • 건물의 층과 함께: My house is on the fourth floor.
  • 생일과 함께: Tomorrow is my twenty-fifth birthday.
  • 세기와: Shakespeare was born in the 16th century (sixteenth century).

모든 서수 (All Ordinal Numbers)

1st – first
2nd – second
3rd – third
4th – fourth
5th – fifth
6th – sixth
7th – seventh
8th – eighth
9th – ninth
10th – tenth
11th – eleventh
12th – twelfth
13th – thirteenth
14th – fourteenth
15th – fifteenth
16th – sixteenth
17th – seventeenth
18th – eighteenth
19th – nineteenth
20th – twentieth
21st – twenty-first
22nd – twenty-second
23rd – twenty-third
30th – thirtieth
40th – fortieth
50th – fiftieth
60th – sixtieth
70th – seventieth
80th – eightieth
90th – ninetieth
100th – one hundredth
101st – one hundred and first
200th – two hundredth
300th – three hundredth
1,000th – thousandth
2,000th – two thousandth
2,100th – two thousand one hundredth
1,000,000th – one millionth
10,000,000th – ten millionth
100,000,000th – one hundred millionth
1,000,000,000 – one billionth


  • This is the second iPhone I have bought. I have bought two iPhones.
    이것은 내가 산 두 번째 아이폰이다. 나는 아이폰 두 개를 샀다.
  • I just finished the twelfth chapter of this book. Chapter twelve is interesting.
    나는 방금 이 책의 제12장을 읽었다. 12장은 재미있다.
  • This is my fifth class. I have five classes today.
    이거는 나의 다섯 번째 수업이다. 나는 오늘 수업이 다섯 개 있다.

분수 (Fractions)

1/2 – a half
1/3 – a third
2/3 – two thirds
1/4 – a quarter (a fourth)
3/4 – three quarters (three fourths)
1/5 – a fifth
2/5 – two fifths
1/6 – a sixth
5/6 – five sixths
1/7 – a seventh
1/8 – an eighth
1/10 – a tenth
7/10 – seven tenths
1/20 – a twentieth
47/100 – forty-seven hundredths
1/100 – a hundredth
1/1,000 – a thousandth